Renault Takeovers the Whole Lotus as Previous World Champions to Run Back to F1

Renault Takeovers Lotus

Renault Takeovers Lotus

Renault Takeovers Lotus

Renault Takeovers Lotus – The French automaker Renault will run back to F1 as a team that will race in their own name on the next season after finishing the Lotus takeover process.

As the other teams’ engine supplier in current seasons, Renault stated that they have signed the principal contracts of the takeover on Thursday. They planned to finish the Lotus F1 team acquisition terms as soon as possible.

The CEO and Chairman of Renault Carlos Ghosn stated that the automaker had two choices; leaving or coming back to 100%. Once he studied the details, he had agreed that Renault will return to F1 in 2016. They have an ambition to win the race although they should enjoy the long process.

After many speculations in months, the announcement ends it. The certainty of sport plan of Renault and higher profile that they want to look for, have been clear now. The company stated that Lotus F1 Team stood out as the greatest partner effectively. Meanwhile, Lotus F1 team and the automaker Renault had recognized each other in about 15 years. They were also the team that reached 2005 and 2006 world champions.

Renault has said that they have won 168 races in their own color racings as well as in supplying the other teams. Besides, they also won 12 world titles constructors and 11 championships of drivers since their debut of F1 in 1977.

They also withdrew as works team from 2010 world championship of constructor, which change the engine supplier role. Renault specified clearly that they thought the company hadn’t increased enough credit with the general and the public of sporting for the behind the scenes roles of the automaker – even though they were the engines provider for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull that won the 2010 and 2013 championships.

The automaker stated that Renault will take the greatest benefits from each of their victories as a full team. As an engine supplier, they have limited payback for the engine supplies. The new engine regulations needs the investment return and the image returns were not high.

On the other hand, the outfit of the company has been criticized by Red Bull team Chief Christian Horner for the lower performance of the engines this season. He watched the performances of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton that swept the board in the recent two seasons.

However, the F1 regulation changings look to have proved significant. Ghosn added that the supply of final details from the main stakeholders of F1 brought confidences to the company to receive the new contest.

The automaker Renault also felt strongly positive to reach the global championships of F1. They described that F1 is one of the sport entertainments that get worldwide coverage of most media, especially in developing markets. It appeals over 450 million TV viewers every year and the scope of growing is great. That is why the automaker is sure to takeover Lotus, because they are also sure that they can make huge benefits from the acquisition especially to win many championships later.

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