Williams Is Optimistic in Facing the Upcoming Season

Williams Optimistic in Upcoming Season

 Williams Optimistic in Upcoming Season

Williams Optimistic in Upcoming Season

Williams Optimistic in Upcoming Season – Williams Martini Racing is one of the racing teams that join the Formula One (F1) competition. Williams Martini Racing finishes the competition of 2015 F1 in the third position of the final standings. This team is defeated by Mercedes and Ferrari, two teams that are considered more superior than Williams Martini racing. For the upcoming season, Williams Martini Racing is optimistic that the team will be able to achieve the better results. William Martini Racing feels that the team will get better results in 2016 season.

This optimistic view is stated by the Head of Williams Car Development, Rob Smedley. Smedley said that at this moment, his team is preparing various types of development that will be used on their cars so that this team could show better performance in the upcoming season. This development is considered as the part of Williams Martini Racing’s plan in achieving better results in the races that will be held in the upcoming season. That’s why, according to Smedley, his team gives the best effort in developing their cars in order to improve performance.

“The cars that we have and we’re going to use in 2016 are really different from the cars that we have and use in the 2015. All of this development is still on progress. This development is a process that is done in order to bring us back to the front line,” said Smedley, as quoted from Planet F1. This explanation from Smedley shows that Williams Martini Racing has their own plans and they are working on these plans in order to get better results.

Rob Smedley is an English man. As an English man, Smedley really knows how to make the plans work. Smedley admits that at this moment, the condition of the cars that will be used by his team is not final. Smedley adds that the cars still need many things and there are many preparations that need to be done. However, Smedley thinks that the performance of the cars has shown many improvements. These improvements, said Smedley, are exactly what he’s hoping for.

“Everything that we see now has been done in perfect way. We have already reached our target. We not only see at the specific aspects but also pay attention in the developments of other aspects that are equally important,” said Smedley who are also known as the ex technician of Felipe Massa in Ferrari.

On the other hand, even though it’s already impossible for Williams Martini Racing to win this season, this team has prepared many things for the next season. One of the racers from Williams Martini Racing, Valtteri Bottas, said that his team is preparing the cars that will be used on the upcoming season.

“Several things that become our focus in the end of this season have been allocated to give more attention to the cars that we will use in the next season. Our team has already developed the FW38 car in quite long time,” said Bottas to NBC Sports.

According to this 26 years old racer, this plan has become target for Williams Martini Racing until the end of 2015 season. It’s because this team wants to make sure that the team can shows the better performance and results in 2016 season.

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