Will France, the Host, Win Euro 2016?

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Will France, the Host, Win Euro 2016?

Euro 2016 final tournament is only around the corner. Other 23 teams to follow the host advance to the next round have been decided. For the third time, France will be the host for this prestigious soccer match. As always, France becomes a strong contender to win Euro,. History has proved that France played really well in their own homeland as they won the title as a host in 1984. Will history repeat itself this year? Let’s analyze the statistics and probability for the chances of winning in online sportsbook gambling.

Strength: The Leader of the Group

As a host, France’s spot in the final tournament was served to them in a silver platter. They didn’t have to compete for a spot in the top 24 like other 53 countries had to do. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve their position. During the qualifying round, France had friendly matches with the 5 teams in Group I, Portugal, Albania, Denmark, Serbia and Armenia. If those friendly matches were legit, French would have advanced to the next round as the winner of the group, beating Portugal, the real winner of group I by two points, and sent Albania home. Out of ten friendly live soccer matches, they won seven times.

Now, in group A, France will go head to head with Romania, Albania and Switzerland. Although Romania has surprised us with their remarkable defense, they only won 2 matches in the qualification rounds. Switzerland players haven’t made an exceptional move and this is the Romanian debut in Euro. If those three teams don’t have any surprises in store for us, France will walk to the next round very easily. One step closer to the trophy.

Weakness: What Will France Do Without One Star Player?

France national team consists of many amazing players with international reputations. But Karim Benzema is definitely their star. Unfortunately, his blackmailing scandal will prevent him from playing for his country this summer. This Real Madrid striker has proved himself to be a great contender in his career history. Even Zinedine Zidane has strongly urged to let Benzema played for France in spite of his ongoing scandal. It shows how important Benzema is for France national team.

However, France is not lacked of incredible players. It’s possible that Juventus star Paul Pogba will be in charge in Benzema’s absence. And let’s not forget about another Real Madrid’s defender, Raphael Varane. He has been named as one of the most promising young players by The Guardians and will definitely play a great role in France national team. But will those players be enough to go against the giants in another group like Spain and Germany? For this, we will have to wait and see.

So, France supporter, do you think this is the year for France to win the title? Or they still have to yet another four years for that position? There will be a lot of surprises this year with many teams strive to be the best. If you are rooting for France, let’s pray that the history won’t fail our hopes this year.

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