The Nightmare for 76ers Is Continue

76ers Nightmare Continues

76ers Nightmare Continues

76ers Nightmare Continues

76ers Nightmare Continues – This season of NBA has become a nightmare for Philadelphia 76ers. And this nightmare is continued. The squad of Brett Brown has once again needs to accept their bitter loss. When the Philadelphia 76ers visited the Chicago Bulls’ headquarter, this team is defeated with 96-115 points. This loss has become the 25th loss for Philadelphia 76ers this season while this team only wins one match from all matches that have been held. The Philadelphia 76ers has to endure more loss when they fight the Chicago Bulls and this is truly a nightmare for 76ers.

In the match that held on the United Center between Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls, Jahlil Okafor and his colleagues have shown the signs that they will be defeated since the first quarter. In the first quarter, the Philadelphia 76ers has lost 19-24 points from Chicago Bulls. This is quite disappointing for Philadelphia 76ers. However, the game is still young.

In the next quarter, the Philadelphia 76ers rise up and get some scores with 37-27 points against Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, in the next two quarters, especially during the third quarter, Philadelphia 76ers once again lost their teeth and finally defeated by Chicago Bulls with 96-115 points. This is a very sad experience for Philadelphia 76ers and this lost has added more pressure to the team since they only win one game during the matches in this season.

The brain behind Chicago Bulls’ ultimate win against guest team is Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is guard and also the forward with exceptional skills in Chicago Bulls. Butler became the top performer in the game and brings Chicago Bulls to the winning podium by achieving 23 points during the game. The effort that is performed by Butler has make Chicago Bulls can defeat Philadelphia 76ers in ultimate way.

On the other hand, Jahlil Okafor who almost scores double points with 22 points achievement and eight rebounds appears as the top performer of Philadelphia 76ers. Even though Okafor has given his best, his effort seems useless. The bright performance from Okafor who is a young center in Philadelphia 76ers couldn’t bring the Philadelphia 76ers to achieve the winning.

From all the games that are joined by Philadelphia 76ers this season, the team only win one game. It’s not something exaggerated if this season is considered as the worst season for Philadelphia 76ers so far. Even though this season is a nightmare for Philadelphia 76ers, the game is still continued. Okafor and his team hope that they will make better shots in the next games and could win more games to overcome this nightmare. Moreover, Okafor is still believed that his team still has a chance to make everything better in the next games.

The complete results of the latest NBA season show some great achievements and also several bitter losses. The Miami Heat win against Atlanta Hawks with 100-88 points while Phoenix Suns is defeated by Dallas mavericks with 94-104 points. Houston Rockets is defeated by Denver Nuggets with 108-114 points while Washington Grizzlies is defeated by Memphis Grizzlies with 95-112 points.

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