Some Tips to Play Badminton: What Pro Players Do

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Play Badminton Like a Pro

Play Badminton Like a Pro

Play Badminton Like a Pro – Badminton is popular among Asian people. This sport firstly came in the 16th century, and now in Asian, you will find the best players of the world. India, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia are the right place to see, to learn, and to know this sport. For those who live far from these countries, but want to learn the sport in short, here are some tips to play Badminton.

The Basic of Badminton

This sport is great for exercise. You can do it for fun, with families or friends. Professional players need to have strong technique, with light-fast feet and also a cunning sense of strategy. There are some basic tips you can try if you want to learn about this sport. The first tip to do is always hitting the center of the cock. Automatically the rubber will go down, because of the gravity. Hit this part.

The second tip you can try is hitting the cock at the top of its arc. This way will give you a chance to shoot at high speed. Do not wait until the cock comes closer to you, since it will lose its momentum and height. You will have more control if you hit it at the top. Right after you give service, or hit the cock, return to the middle position of the court. It is called as the position of readiness. Thus, if you stand in the middle, you will always be ready for the cock.

Practicing the footwork is also important for this sport. This sport is similar to squash, actually. Stay on your toes, do not flat-footed on the badminton court, since you will not be able to return the shots. If you stay on your toes, you will be able to move back and forth, and side by side to return the shots.

What the Opponent Thinks About

For the professional player, they not only know about the basic of the games but also what their opponents think about. If you play with a new one, watch them and see the way they exercise or prepare the match. You have to be able to read their movement, whether they are more defensive or more aggressive players, their weaknesses, their footwork, and also their dominant shots, whether it is backhand or forehand shots.

If you already consider the way your opponent moves, then make them move around the court. And you, do not hit the cock at the same place. Make random movement, so that the opponent cannot predict your next movement. Mix all the strategies you have, and confuse them with that.

If you are able, change the direction of the shuttlecock. If they hit the cock straight to you, then hit it to a different direction. It is one way to make them  run and move around. Make your hit unexpected. If you have quick movement and are able to change the shuttlecock’s direction, your opponent will not have time to move and hit the cock. Giving them a simple short shot will also urge them to move back and forth. These are some tips to play Badminton.

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