How to Learn Hapkido

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How to Learn Hapkido

When you are walking home alone in the night and meet robber, do you will scream and only let your belongings are stolen by robber? Perhaps yes if you don’t have a technique of self defense. However, if you have a good technique of self defense, you can protect yourself, including your valuable belongings. Not many of us know about Hapkido. This technique was introduced several years ago in Korea and become famous worldwide.

Combat Hapkido is well known name for self defense. It is not using any tool and weapon. It is only fighting with right technique. Hapkido is suit for adult about 17 years old. This fighting technique should for the right reason. You should not practice this for wrong reason. world sports betting online It emphasized to our body movement, eagle eyes to see the rival movement, circular movement and twisting trick. You can reduce weight if you have a lot of movement like this. Since it needs a concentration and pressure of point movement, you need to combine hand and feet movement in synergy. You can get so many advantages for learning this unique technique. There is a Hapkido School which teaches students from beginner level till advance one. For the beginner, they will learn how to use stick, knife, rope and even a sword. It is like how to avoid being hurt by these guns. In cinema, we often watch how an enemy uses this gun to hurt the hero. This is a lesson learn that we can see from a film. A hero without any weapon can win with right technique. In military, Hapkido is a must learned technique which those who would like to join in the organization must master the technique. The basic rule is defeating enemy in the lock position where the enemy will stop hurting you. However, you need to push the enemy in the pain and uncomfortable position. Moreover, you should learn about good combination of arm, wrist and even finger to hold the enemy strongly. You can hit and strike the target by hitting the head to lock the enemy instantly. The nerve system will let the enemy fall down and will not attack you back. Now, you also need to learn how to do hammer-lock position where you need to wrist the enemy body by using your elbow and push it hardly. It seems like a hammer which would like to push the nail into the wall.

Go to the other techniques like defeating many enemies if you are the only one who have no weapon. This is really need strong body to hit all enemies with right reflection. You need a twisting motion like running on the air to hit all enemies. Check out the video to learn some Hapkido modification. You can learn about enemy who hit you from the back and front at the same time. Learn about how to use wall to hit your enemy, making some new creations and many more. Surely, that your body is also feeling pain after fighting like this.


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