Expect Better Results with These 5 Boxing Exercises

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Expect Better Results with These 5 Boxing Exercises

So now you have known how to defend yourself and also attack. You know how to jab, blow a powerful uppercut, and counter the opponent’s attack with your hands. What’s next? To be better in boxing, technique is not enough. You need to follow the proper exercise routines. The routines must be able to brush up your skill and techniques as well as improve your speed and strength. To maximize the results, make sure you try these following exercises in your training.

Running and Skipping

Running and skipping will increase the speed of your legs. And it’s not a secret that fast and skillful footwork will do you good to defend yourself in a match. Aside from the actual footwork training, you have to supplement your skill with running and jump rope skipping to make your legs move energetically.

Speed Bag

While running and skipping is good for your feet’s agility, training with speed bag will be an advantage for your hands’ speed and your eyes-hands coordination. Start slow with simple punches. When you can finally increase your speed and manage to control your hands to follow the bag’s movement, try more advanced punches. gambling online boxing Try to get the rhythm stable. It can be hard, but that is the challenge.

Mitt Training

Mitt Training is an excellent way to learn new punching and attack faster. You will need a partner or trainer to hold the mitts for you. This is the best way to learn to hit accurately. So don’t be too focused on power when you are doing mitt training. Concentrate on your accuracy and find a new way to improve your attacking skill. Ask your partner to do various techniques so you can learn to read your opponent’s movement. Since you are learning with a partner. Make sure your partner doesn’t hold back and ask them for feedback afterwards.

Heavy Bag

Training with a heavy bag can improve your stamina greatly. Know your limit and train with a punching bag that won’t hurt you. You can train with heavier bag when you are stronger. Training with a heavy bag will be good to improve the power in your punching and also footwork and stance position. If you are not ready for sparring, practice frequently with heavy bag first. If you want to feel like hitting a human body when punching a heavy bag, try to use water punching bag.


Sparring is a great way to test your techniques and speed. There is no other way to improve yourself better than fighting a real opponent. This is the time to try to use your defend and attack technique. Make sure you and your opponents equip yourselves with the proper boxing gear before sparring. Sparring can be a little scary for beginners. But you have to challenge yourself if you want to improve. Try to practice with heavy bag first, then fight against an opponent in your level. It is even better if you want to try to spar with a stronger opponent. You might not get a win, but you definitely will learn many good techniques.

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