England, the New Winner Contender in Euro 2016

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England, the New Winner Contender in Euro 2016

Everybody is talking about how good the Germany teams are, how France will play strongly as a host and how Ibrahimovic brings Sweden to the top. But let us not forget about how incredible the England team played in the qualifications round. Although they haven’t won the title once since their first performance in 1960, this year could be their time to shine. Gaining victory in ten out of ten matches, England was the only team securing perfect winning streak in Euro 2016 qualification rounds. Will England really be a force to be reckoned with this year? Or are the other teams are still too strong for England’s player?

Force of the Youngsters

England national team this year is strengthened by many talented young players. From Harry Kane to Raheem Sterling, all of them are valuable players in their respected team. Don’t forget the absolutely amazing Leicester player James Vardy who played so well in the Premier League. Many people see that these young players can bring a new energy and optimism both to the team and the disappointed England fans. Maybe this is why they could play really well in the qualification rounds. They play with ease and high energy to cover for their lack of experiences.

Squad Composition

The squad composition could be trouble for England in the upcoming match. Even though they have many great players, but the coach hasn’t been able to create a perfect combination between players. Alli and Dier who have been paired in Tottenham is a recipe for success in the midfield area. However, Gary Cahill needs a partner to back him up as the central defense, but the perfect person has yet to come. The front lines looks steady with Rooney and Sterling leading, but other sides haven’t been covered well. Of course they can beat Lithuania and Switzerland with this uncertain position, and maybe also beat Slovakia and Wales in the upcoming group B match. But what’s going to happen in the next rounds?

And speaking of Rooney, yes, he managed to score 7 out of 31 goals England made during Euro 2016 qualifications. But, his performance so far with Manchester United was disappointing. We have no idea whether Rooney has improved so that he could scored so many goals in Euro 2016 qualifications, or this is just a sign of his inconsistency. Rooney is the captain of the team, also the most experienced one among the youngster. He really needs to be in good shape to boost the team’s morale.

The stake is high for England to win this year’s title. They have shown solid games team work during the qualifications, but it still doesn’t guarantee they will come home with victory. Yes, they have an untarnished winning streak on the qualifications, but to be fair, the 5 teams they won against were not the strongest. It could be easy victories, or it could be a sign that England’s back on fire to win the trophy. If you want England to win, let’s hope there won’t be any penalty kicks. It’s a jinx for England.

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