Deploy the Biggest Number of Bikes Next Season, Ducati Is Optimistic

Ducati Deploys Biggest Number of Bikes

Ducati Deploys Biggest Number of Bikes

Ducati Deploys Biggest Number of Bikes 

Ducati Deploys Biggest Number of Bikes – Ducati is confirmed as the manufacturer that deploys the most bikes in the next season of MotoGP. This manufacturer that is identical with the color of red has become the shelter for four different teams. These teams are Ducati Corse, Pramac racing, Avintia Racing, and Aspar Team. All of these teams use bikes that are manufactured by Ducati.

In an interview with Tutto Motori, Sporting Director of Ducati, Paolo Ciabatti, has said that the manufacturer feels glad in helping the independent teams to become more competitive teams. Ciabatti said that it’s a pleasure for Ducati to support these teams and make these teams become teams that could give better performance on races. Moreover, this bike manufacturer from Italy needs so many data in order to become successful once again in Premier Class after the last time this manufacturer reaches the highest podium in 2010 Australia MotoGP when this manufacturer is supported by Casey Stoner. In the effort to get the adequate data, Ducati thinks that it’s a good decision to support these independent teams using the bikes that are manufactured by this company.

On the other hand, Dorna Sports as the promoter of MotoGP is believed have the intention to give financial help with a quite large number of the satellite teams in the 2017 season. However, rumor said that each manufacturer is only allowed to deploy six bikes for the upcoming season. Even though the contract between Ducati and Avintia and Aspar will be ended in 2017, Ducati doesn’t take this issue as a serious problem. The contract with Avintia and Aspar that will be ended soon don’t become the major concern for Ducati.

“This is not regulation. This is just a part of the intention that is stated by Dorna. However, there are no written rules yet about this issue. There are no written regulations about the limit of the number of bikes that are allowed to be deployed by a manufacturer. It is clear that in 2017 we confirm that we will deploy eight riders just like what we did in the upcoming year,” Ciabatti explains. Based on this explanation, it’s confirmed that Ducati has their own plan and will deploy eight bikes in the upcoming season.

“We will also have three teams outside our own teams. One of these teams is Pramac Racing that has become our team like usual. We call this team as Factory Supported. Other two teams are Avintia and Aspar that we call as Customer Team. We call these three teams as Satellite Team,” said Ciabatti, adding his explanation about the teams that are supported by Ducati.

All the riders from Ducati will also back on the track in the test drive that will be held at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia on 1 to 3 February 2016. This test drive is held before Stoner, as the new test rider, tries the new bike from Ducati, the Desmosedici GP16. This new bike test will be held in Sepang Circuit as well and it’s been scheduled until the end of January 2016. The results of this test will determine the further plans of Ducati.

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