Boxing Equipments for Home Training

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To be a better boxer, you have to keep training, even at your house. Even though you train at your own house, you still need some equipments. Those equipment are not only necessary to help you practice, but also to protect your safety. Most of them are not expensive but they can really help you to improve your skill and stamina. If you are interested in training at your house, make sure you equip yourself with these boxing equipments.


In boxing, your hands are the most precious things. Therefore, you need to cherish and protect it by using boxing gloves. Since you will punch a heavy skipping rope and mitts make sure you choose boxing glove with high quality that will protect your hands well. Don’t forget to choose the gloves based on your weight. If you use gloves that are too heavy for you, you will be exhausted quickly and prevent you from training longer. Choose boxing gloves that fit well on your hands, but be careful not to make it too tight and block blood flow to your hands.

Hand Wraps

This one is another safety kit for your hands and you must not do a training without properly wrap your hand. Hand wraps will protect your fingers and wrists from any damage. There are many ways to wrap your hand. You are free to choose how you want to wrap your hands. But the most important thing is, your hand wraps must be able to protect your knuckles and fingers. The wraps also must be attached firmly to your hands. You can use Velcro to tight the wraps on your wrists.

Punching Bag

Punching bag is important if you are training alone. It is not only good to train your punching techniques, but also most importantly, to increase your stamina. There are three kinds of punching bag that you can choose. A hard fill, soft fill and water fill. Hard fill punching bag is definitely heavier and can only be moved by strong punch. Soft fill and water fill is easier to be punched. To decide which one is the best for you, please consider your strength and needs. If you are inexperienced and not really strong, punching a hard fill bag can be too hard for you. But on the other hand it is good if you want to increase your strength and stamina.

Skipping Rope

To win a boxing match, your legs need to be agile. If your legs can move faster, you can blow a punch faster as well and also evade yourself from a danger in front of you. But foot agility doesn’t come easy. You need to train hard and regularly. Fortunately, the training equipment is very cheap. By using a simple skipping rope, you can train to increase your agility. Try to count your jump every minute and increase it over time and try various jumping techniques. Your legs must always try to move faster than before.

With those 4 equipments, you can train alone. Those equipments also have all you need for your safety and training requirements. They can protect your body, train your techniques and also increase your stamina and agility.

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