Badminton Rules for Players

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Besides soccer, we also have another sport that still become the most popular sport especially in Asia, Badminton. We can find great players of badminton from China, Malaysia, and even Indonesia. Those country are seen as the countries that produce many world’s best players. This sport has been around since 16th century. You need to play it indoors. If you are not familiar with this, there are some badminton rules you have to know.

Players and Equipment You Need

In general, there are two forms of this sport, doubles and singles. In doubles we can mix the players, both females, both males, or one male and one female. The players use stringed racket. This racket is similar with tennis racket, but it has a smaller head. It uses shuttlecock. The half round ball at the bottom with feather that is placed surround the half ball at its top. When playing, just hit the bottom of the shuttlecock, the earth gravity will help you to hit the shuttlecock. You are allowed to hit the cock  before it hits the ground, or goes over the badminton net.

It is indoor  sport, and the size of the court is 13.4m long and 6.1m wide. Across the middle of the court, you will find net that runs at 1.55m. Along the sides of the court, it has two tram lines. The inner lines are used for the parameter for the singles match, while the outer lines are used for doubles match.

You have to hit the cock, and make sure it lands inside the lines. If your opponent hit the cock and it goes out or into the net, then you will get point. For winning you need to earn 21 points, for 3 sets. If you win the first two sets, then you win the match. Those are the badminton rules you need to know.

Other Rules to Know

There are two forms of match in badminton, singles and doubles. The players, when they serve, they have to be diagonally across the net. There is no second chance, if your first serving is failed. Your opponent will win point, then. In badminton, overarm serve is not allowed. It must hit below the waist and underarm.

Each match will be started with a toss. It determines which side the opponent will start and which player will do the serve first. Players are allowed to hit the cock outside the lines of the court. They can move as they wish to hit the cock. Yet, they are not allowed to touch the net with their body or with their racket. Their opponent will get the score, then.

There are three other faults in badminton, the first one is when the player distracts their opponent deliberately; when the shuttlecock stuck in the racket; and when the shuttlecock hits the land twice. You will have one referee who will sit on  high chair, in line with the nets, to overlook the game. There are also line judges who will monitor the cocks, whether it is landed or not. Before playing, check the badminton rules first.

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